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Oil Sample Kit

Oil Spill and Sheen Sampling Equipment

Leeder Analytical offer a range of oil spill and sheen sampling equipment to ensure help ensure your samples are collected appropriately.

Oil Spill Sampling KitOil Spill Sampling Kit
Our standard basic kits are
designed to be stored on site and
include precleaned jars with teflon inserts, jar security seals, jar labels, disposable nitrile sampling gloves,
chain of custody forms, a
polystyrene transport pack with
a jar insert” and address
labels to the laboratory.

Teflon Swabs
These Teflon adsorbent swabs are designed as a wipe for oil collection or sampling oily residue. They can also be used to collect sheen in groundwater monitoring wells.
Approximate size 10cmx10cm.






Oil Spill Sampling Net
These Teflon sheen sampling nets enable easy collection of oil sheens from the waters surface. The sampling net is passed through the oil sheen. Once the sample has been collected, the net is removed from the ring and placed in a glass sample jar.

250mL Glass Jar
Teflon lined 250mL Glass Jar used for storage and transportation of Teflon swabs and oil spill sampling nets.






Extendable Pole
Sampling poles. The pole extends from 90cm to 240cm. The pole has a fitting for the attachment of oil spill sampling net or jar ring holder. Allows for further reach when
collecting oil spill samples.


Jar ring holder and jar
120mL glass jar attaches to oil spill jar ring holder and is used for the collection of oil spill sample. For extra reach these attach to the extendable pole (sold separately).


These scales are 15cm long. They can be used as a scale in photographs.
They have both centimetre and inch markings.






Evidence Bags
Tamper Indicating Evidence Bags Med PK 100

Leeder Analytical are approved analysts under under MARPOL 73/78,
the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.