Environmental Testing Services

Leeder Analytical’s team offers a full range of environmental testing services.

Within our purpose-built testing laboratory, we’re able to conduct a range of tests and analyses on environmental samples that include but are not limited to:

  • Air- soil gas, flux, ambient air, USEPA TO-17, TO-15
  • Gas- Vapour intrusion assessment
  • Radilello passive diffusion samplers
  • Waters not limited to groundwater, potable water, wastewater, saline waters
  • Soils using US EPA, ASTM, ISO methods
  • Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs)
  • Leachates-ASLP, TCLP, ZHE
  • Fuels
  • Sludge

Leeder Analytical’s environmental testing specialists provide quality assured, accurate and reliable data for both private and public sector organisations. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our lab often receives samples from Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Adelaide.

Environmental Forensic Testing

One of our specialist areas of environmental testing services includes environmental forensic testing. These services are useful when the source of environmental contaminants is required. This service may help with litigation, insurance claims identification of other sources of contaminants.

We combine our analytical procedures with key scientific principles derived from organic geochemistry, analytical chemistry and hydrogeology.

Some applications for environmental forensic testing include:

  • Characterising chemical spills – including petroleum, chlorinated compounds
  • Differentiating petroleum contamination from naturally occurring hydrocarbons
  • Determining sources of complex hydrocarbon mixtures
  • Correlation of chemical spills to potential sources
  • Timing and ageing of spills
  • Fate and transport
  • Assessment of PAHs sources – coal tar (pyrogenic), petroleum(petrogenic) to natural inputs (biogenic)
  • Degree of weathering/biodegradation

Interpretation of results

Leeder Analytical provides independent review and interpretation of analytical results to determine accuracy and precision.

Unexpected test results often require a person experienced in laboratory analysis to explain and investigate potential causation.  Leeder Analytical provides independent review and data consulting of analytical data.

Environmental Testing and Consulting

Environmental consulting chemistry services to help resolve chemical-related issues and problems, improve quality, reduce liability and add value to your business. There are many applications for our consulting chemistry services including:

  • Product investigation
  • Taint/odour investigations
  • Cargo contamination
  • Chemical Residue/impurities
  • Fuel Investigation

Environmental Contamination

Environmental contamination can require testing for a range of organic and inorganic air, water or soil contaminants.

Leeder Analytical is able to perform testing to internationally recognised standard methods and modify methods to assist with customer-specific project requirements.

Methodologies offered include USEPA, Australian Standards, NIOSH and OSHA.

Our capabilities cover such industries as engineering/consultants, waste management, manufactured gas plants, landfill sites, government agencies, pharmaceutical and wastewater plants.

Download our detailed breakdown of our analysis of:

Who we work with?

Our NATA accredited laboratory conducts testing for environmental engineers, scientists, consultants and regulators (EPA) as well as developers and government bodies.

These professionals choose to work with Leeder Analytical because we offer reliable and accurate testing, as well as extract key insights from the scientific findings.

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with for environmental testing and analysis includes:

They choose Leeder Analytical because they’re able to trust in the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of our processes, and importantly the accuracy of our results and interpretations.

Methods of Analytical Testing

Leeder Analytical is able to provide an existing test method where appropriate or under certain circumstances it may be required to develop/modify and validate methods to achieve a suitable method for its intended use.

We are able to provide the methods accuracy, precision, specificity, limits of detection and quantitation, linearity and range, robustness and the uncertainty of the method.

Some of the analytical techniques include:

  • GC/MS
  • LC/MS
  • GC with a wide range of detectors including FID, ECD, TCD, FPD, NPD
  • UHPLC with a wide range of detectors including UV, DA, RI, Electrochemical, Conductivity
  • Ion Chromatography-conductivity and electrochemical detection
  • IC-MS
  • Size exclusion Chromatography-UV and Light scattering detection
  • Sample extraction and Preparation
  • ICP-MS
  • Gallery Analyser
  • Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy (FTIR)


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