Our Services

We provide the following analytical laboratory services:

Environmental Testing and Analysis

An array of tests analysing organic and inorganic materials including soils, water, gas, air.

Water Quality Testing and Analysis

An extensive range of water tests assuring its quality, or identifying any contaminants.

Oil Analysis

A full range of testing services for crude, synthetic and mineral oils, as well as petroleum fuels, shale oil, lubricants and petroleum samples.

Soil Testing Services

The testing and analysis of soil, a mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, water and countless living organisms.

Pesticide and Herbicide Testing

Identification testing for the presence of pesticides and herbicides in organic matter samples.

Food and Beverage Testing

Our specialist laboratory can reliably deliver food and beverage testing and analysis services.

Chemical Impurity Testing and Analysis

Identification testing and GC/MS analysis of chemical impurities in supplied samples

Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Testing to determine the elemental composition, molecular weight and isotopic signature of a specific compound.

OH&S and NIOSH Testing

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) monitoring, environmental contamination, ambient air, and emission testing

Extractables and Leachables testing

A wide range of tests to determine the leachability of compounds from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage.

Hydrocarbon Fingerprinting

Oil-Hydrocarbon fingerprinting, Dispersant testing, Oil Spill-Identification, Weathering and Contingency planning.

Air and Soil Gas Analysis

Ambient air, Occupational Health and Safety, Emission testing, Soil Gas, Flux and Gas Analysis.

OECD and Product Testing

OECD testing methods, Biodegradability etc.


Instrument Training (GC, GCMS, HPLC, LC-MS, IC), Oil spill sampling, Customised Training.

Oil Spill Dispersant Testing

Chemical dispersants testing on crude oils.

Oil Weathering Studies

Oil Weathering Studies, Chemical and Physical Characterisation.

Sewerage Contamination

Drinking water, Industry-Waste water, Sewerage contamination, Isotopic Analysis, Taint, Brewing industry.

Method Development

Including validation of a customer supplied method, generation of validation data; sourcing methodology from scratch, developing the method for your specific sample type and then carrying out full validation.

Environmental Forensics

Consulting chemistry-Product investigation, Taint, Chemical residue.



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