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We offer the following services:


Environmental Forensics
Consulting chemistry-Product investigation, Taint, Chemical residue.

Hydrocarbon Fingerprinting
Oil-Hydrocarbon fingerprinting, Dispersant testing, Oil Spill-Identification,
Weathering and Contingency planning.

Air and Soil Gas Analysis
Ambient air, Occupational Health and Safety, Emission testing, Soil Gas, Flux and Gas Analysis.

OECD Testing
OECD testing methods, Biodegradability etc.

Beverage Testing

Food Analysis

Product Testing

Instrument Training (GC, GCMS, HPLC, LC-MS, IC), Oil spill sampling, Customised Training.

Oil Spill Dispersant Testing
Chemical dispersants testing on crude oils.

Oil Weathering Studies
Oil Weathering Studies, Chemical and Physical Characterisation.

Sewerage Contamination
Drinking water, Industry-Waste water, Sewerage contamination, Isotopic Analysis, Taint, Brewing industry.

Method Development
Services include validation of a customer supplied method, where we can generate validation data; through to sourcing methodology from scratch, developing the method for your specific sample type and then carrying out full validation.