Wine Testing Kits

We have two kits to choose from:​

Purchase the test kit, fill the supplied bottles with your wine or juice samples and post back to us in our postage-paid box.

Our laboratory will email results back to you promptly!

The “Standard Wine Analysis Sample Kit” tests for titratable acidity (TA), pH, and residual sugars.

The “Comprehensive Wine Analysis Sample Kit” tests for everything in the basic edition: titratable acidity (TA), pH, and residual sugars- as well as total SO2, acetic acid, alcohol and malic acid.

We provide additional tests…

Additional tests can be added including total SO2, Free SO2, acetic acid, alcohol, malic acid, ammonia, Primary amino nitrogen (NOPA), Yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN), colour, acetaldehyde, tartaric acid, copper, iron, calcium, sodium, chloride, sulphate, phosphate, fluoride, glycerol and total polyphenols.


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