Environmental Forensics

Environmental forensic investigation is the use of scientific methodology developed for identifying petroleum-related and other potentially hazardous environmental contaminants and for determining their sources and time of release. It combines analytical procedures with scientific principles derived from the disciplines of organic geochemistry and hydrogeology.

Main applications are:
• Characterising chemical spills – including petroleum, chlorinated compounds
• Differentiating petroleum contamination from naturally occurring hydrocarbons
• Determining sources of complex hydrocarbon mixtures
• Correlation of chemical spills to potential sources
• Timing and ageing of spills
• Assessment of PAHs sources – coal tar vs petroleum
• Degree of weathering/biodegradation

Interpretation of results
Leeder Analytical provides independent interpretation of analytical results to
determine accuracy and precision. Unexpected results also often require
a person experienced in laboratory analysis to explain and investigate. Leeder
Analytical provides independent review and data consulting of analytical data.

Consulting Chemistry
Consulting chemistry services to help resolve chemical related issues and problems, improve quality, reduce liability and add value to your business. There are many applications for our consulting chemistry services including:
• Product investigation
• Taint/odour investigations
• Cargo contamination
• Chemical Residue/impuritites
• Fuel Investigation

This outline is an overview only and you are encouraged to contact
us directly regarding your specific requirements.


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